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Choosing the Ideal Wooden Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen


Discover how to furnish your home with wood

Furnish home with wood - Wren

So, you just moved into your dream home, congratulations! As exciting as the prospect of a fresh start may be, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to turning an empty house into a place you’re proud to call home. So how to furnish your home with wood?

Furnishing your home doesn’t need to be an intimidating process, though, especially when you’re considering wood furniture as your foundation. Nothing compares to the beauty and quality of wood furnishings when it comes to bringing out the best in your home decor. Plus, with the proper care and maintenance, wood furniture can last a lifetime, adding both value and visual appeal to your home.

First, determine a look and a plan for your furniture. An easy way to get started is by defining the function of each space. Think about which room is intended to be the family room and which room you want to use for entertaining. Also consider what kind of style you’d like to incorporate—warm woods and soft fabrics for a rustic feel, clean lines and bright colors for a modern vibe, and so on.

The foundation of your home will likely be determined by the dining room. A classic dining table and chairs is a great way to add instant warmth and style. A quality hardwood table with sturdy legs will give your dining area the timeless look of craftsmanship. An oval-shaped table gives the room a sense of symmetry, while a rectangular or square table provides flexibility for hosting a larger group. Finish off your set with coordinating side chairs, arm chairs, and/or a matching buffet.

Once you’ve selected your dining furniture, choose additional furniture for the other rooms. Select pieces that will reflect your style and suit the space—sleek armchairs in the living room, comfy accent chairs in the bedroom, sturdy bookshelves and end tables for storage and display, and a wood entertainment center for a warm, classic look in the media room. Choose upholstery in neutral shades of tan, beige, and white for a soothing and harmonious feel.

Next, take your time selecting accessories such as accent pillows, rugs, curtains, wall art, and lamps. Layer rugs and other textures throughout to make each space more inviting.

When you’re choosing the furniture and accents for your dream home, remember to focus on quality and look for pieces that you can use and enjoy for many years. Investing in good, quality wood furniture will make it easier to keep your house looking warm and inviting. Now you know how to furnish your home with wood! Best of luck, and enjoy your new home!


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