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At Wren, we specialize in designing and creating unique pieces of wood furniture that are handmade and locally manufactured. Our collection of wood desks are no exception – each crafted by an expert woodworker and lovingly finished. Our wooden desks bring a modern twist to any workspace, office or bedroom, making it the perfect choice for any discerning home décor.

At Wren, we only use the highest quality wood materials in our furniture and ensure our bedside tables and desks are handcrafted and made from natural materials. With our commitment to South African materials and labour, you can be assured of buying furniture that is not only locally made but of exceptional quality.

We pride ourselves on producing a wide range of high quality bedside tables and desks, suitable for both classic and contemporary homes. Our extensive selection offers something to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Whether you are looking for an elegant walnut or teak desk, or something more industrial in style, our selection of furniture is designed to match any décor.

Our collection of wooden desks are all made with care and precision, with our craftsmen ensuring the materials are carefully chosen to bring you furniture that is built to last. Whether you choose one of our elegant desks to adorn a corner in your office or home, or you prefer to place it against a wall in a hallway or bedroom, we guarantee each desk will be as sturdy and long-lasting as the wood itself.

For those looking to add an extra touch of luxury, our wooden desks come with optional marble or wooden top for extra texture and depth. And for those who like a more eclectic look, we offer a selection of coloured desks with matching bedside tables to complete your desired style.

Our commitment to crafting each of our wooden furniture pieces to the highest quality and sourcing our materials from South Africa makes us stand out from the rest. Choose Wren to find the perfect bedside table or desk and enjoy high quality craftsmanship combined with beautiful design.

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