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Wren Furniture

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Wren Furniture

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Valencia Armchairs South Africa - Wren

Valencia Armchair

Bedside Table - Wren

Bedside Tables

Stylish Pedestals Bedside Tables by Wren - Elevate Your Bedroom Décor.


R 4999

Scani Cutter Bench - Wren


Versatile Wooden Benches by Wren - Enhance Your Space with Style.


R 5999

Coffee Tables - Wren

Coffee Tables

Discover Wren's exquisite coffee tables for a perfect blend of style and functionality.


R 3999

Chairs and Armchairs - Wren


Comfort and Style with Wren's Wood Armchairs - Discover Your Perfect Seat.


R 5999

Desks - Wren


Functional and Elegant Desks by Wren - Perfect for Your Workspace.


R 4499

Bedroom Headboards - Wren


Enhance your bedroom with Wren's exquisite wooden headboards. Explore our collection now.


R 6500

Side Tables - Wren

Side Tables

Shop Wren's Solid Wood Side Tables - Functional and Stylish.


R 2999

Servers - Wren


Stunning Wood Servers by Wren - Functional Elegance for Your Space.


R 18999

Sidetables - Wren


Beautiful Sideboards by Wren - Enhance Your Space with Timeless Elegance.


R 9499

Dining Tables - Wren


Exquisite Dining Tables by Wren - Elevate Your Dining Experience.


R 9499

Wren Furniture Categories

Wren woodworking with hardwoods

At Wren, we believe in truly celebrating the beauty and individual nature of each piece of wood we use in our furniture. Our artisan joinery expertly crafts these pieces with the utmost attention to detail to capture their individual warmth, colour and texture and make furniture that exudes charm and elegance. We strive to make our furniture accessible to all and have developed a design approach that values both affordability and timelessness - for furniture that can be enjoyed for generations to come. So if you're looking for luxurious furniture crafted with quality solid wood and artisan joinery that won't break the bank, look no further than Wren - the perfect marriage of affordable elegance and natural beauty.

Handcrafted Furniture for the Discerning Buyer

Shop the Wood Revolution!

south africa valencia armchair

Valencia Armchair

Introducing the Valencia Outdoor armchair by Wren - a captivating blend of solid iroko wood and innovative design, perfect for outdoor settings.

R 8500


Valencia Armchair

FREE Delivery for orders over R 10000

Made in South Africa. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted with love and care.

Looking for high-quality furniture but don't want to break the bank? Look no further! Our direct-from-the-factory approach means you get exquisite furniture at affordable prices. Plus, our easy online ordering process makes it easy to get the furniture you need without any hassle. Come see what we have to offer today!

What Our Clients Say

9 / 10

Wren's dining table is a game-changer! The solid wood craftsmanship adds warmth and charm to our meals. Proudly South African furniture at its best.

Sarah Johnson

10 / 10

I love my Wren coffee table! The locally manufactured, solid wood design brings a touch of nature and sophistication to my living room. Highly recommended!

Michael Thompson

9 / 10

The headboard from Wren is simply stunning! The solid wood construction adds a touch of elegance and comfort to my bedroom. A true South African furniture gem.

Emily Smith

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The Art of Furniture

Our skilled artisans create beautiful and durable furniture pieces.


We meticulously select materials to ensure exceptional product standards.


Our furniture is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living space.


Personalize your furniture with a range of options and finishes.


We prioritize eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing process.


Our furniture is built to withstand the test of time.


Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort in our pieces.


Every aspect of our furniture is carefully considered.

Attention to Detail

Your happiness is our top priority, guaranteed.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a long-standing tradition of excellence in furniture making.

Brand Heritage

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